Our Services

  • Preparation of a Personal Estate and Family Plan:
    1. We follow a 4 step approach in the preparation of your Plan

    2. A detailed process is adhered to in order to understand and define the goals and objectives of the individual, family and/or business.
    3. Then we evaluate the current information, structure and supporting documents of the client.
    4. Preparation of a holistic estate and/or family plan is the next step to understand the financial position of the client and the cash flow position and cost implications on your demise.
    5. We then prepare the solutions and recommendations for the client and implement them.

  • Drafting of Wills
    1. Your Will is essentially your wishes and requirements for the distribution of your assets to your family and beneficiaries on your demise. We ensure with your Will to prepare a practical simplistic document to expedite the administration process for your family and beneficiaries.
      Completing our Will application form will assist us to gather your information and understand your wishes and requirements after your demise. Will Application Form

  • Administration of estates
    1. We act as executor and as duly authorised agents of the executor to administer the estate. We work closely with the family and beneficiaries to finalize the administration of the estate as soon as possible.

  • Registration of trusts
    1. We prepare the living trust agreement which the founder and the trustees will sign. This trust deed will clearly define the rights and obligations of the parties involved and will ensure protection of the trust assets from third parties. Our team also ensure to prepare a succession plan within the trust document to ensure the transfer of your wealth to your future generations.
      Completing our living trust application form will assist us to prepare a first draft document for discussion purposes.
      Living Trust Application Form

  • Administration of living trusts and testamentary trusts
    1. Our team has the expertise to assist with the administration function of your trust. This essential trust administration function will ensure the protection of your trust assets. Our independent administration services include the availability to act as a trustee, preparation of minutes and resolutions for all trust decisions and annual trustee meetings.

  • Accounting and Tax
    1. Tax planning and advice.
      Accounting for Trusts and investment businesses.
      Individual and Sole Proprietor Accounting.
      Bookkeeping for professionals (eg. A doctor’s practice)
      Tax compliance for individuals, trusts and businesses.
      Tax clearance certificates.
      Documentation required for Tax returns. Tax Return Requirements